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Labor Force Contracting in the USA

About Our Team

At TYGART Contracting, we specialize in ancillary labor services for all major coal fields across the United States. Rather than acting as a general staffing services company or temp agency, we provide high-level labor consulting services and employee outsourcing. We have extensive experience developing employees in the mining, manufacturing, and industrial industries, and can provide staff augmentation solutions for companies that need heavy equipment and machinery operators, certified electricians, certified foremen, belt crews, track crews, mechanics, and more. Our expertise in harnessing the right manpower and building a strong labor force sets us apart. Our goal is to provide efficient, robust labor contracting services to each client and provide them with experienced, safe, and skilled workers who are certified and licensed when possible. Call us today if you need an experienced labor contractor in WV, VA, OH, KY, IL, IN, CO, UT, IA, NE, WY or elsewhere throughout the United States.

Our Labor Force Contracting Services

Our mission is to fully support our clients by acting as an honest, dependable, and trustworthy hiring subcontractor and partner to our clients to make them more successful by providing skilled manpower solutions where and when they need them the most. Our team provides skilled laborer outsourcing in the following industries for the following jobs:

Underground Mining

General Laborers · Miner Operators · Loader Operators · Roof Bolter Operators · Shuttle Car Operators · Scoop Operators · Longwall Support Crews · Certified Electricians · Certified Foreman/Fire Bosses · Belt Crews · Track Crews · Mechanics

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Surface Mining

General Laborers · Highwall Miner Operators · Excavator Operators · Rock Truck Drivers · Dozer Operators · Coal Loader Operators · Drill Operators · Certified Electricians · Mechanics · Sweeper Operators · Water Truck Drivers · Greasers · Certified Foreman

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Manufacturing Operator

Quality Control Inspectors
Production Workers

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Heavy & Light Industrial Equipment

General Laborers
Metal Workers
Concrete Finishers
Equipment Operators

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Our Commitment to Safety & Training

As one of the leading labor force suppliers in the country, we maintain a strong commitment to safety, training, and compliance. Each one of our employees undergoes a thorough, strict vetting process to confirm they are fully licensed, certified, trained, skilled, and experienced in the specific job or position they hold. When you partner with us for labor contracting services, you know you are getting the right employee for the right job, every time. We also mandate annual training for each of our employees. TYGART Contracting also offers MSHA training services to outside companies. Whether the training is on-site or off-site, we can accommodate your needs upon agreement. Contact us for pricing.

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Why Choose TYGART Contracting as Your Labor Force Contractor

At TYGART Contracting, we handle every detail of skilled labor outsourcing services for your company. We offer seasonal and temporary staffing services, and our recruitment, screening, and placement services are meticulous and unmatched in the industry. Our goal is to set our company apart by partnering with companies in need to quickly provide an experienced team that is not only trustworthy and reliable, but is also fully trained, vetted, and screened. We handle all payroll, benefits, and human resources services for our employees, and we also offer unique benefits like weekly payroll with direct deposit. Our labor contracting services offer improved labor distribution, more efficient management solutions, seasonal and temporary support, and skilled laborers where and when you need them most.

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation to discuss personalized contract labor services in the United States for your company. We will work closely with you to identify your needs, goals, budget, and project terms to find the most effective labor solutions for your company. We are currently providing labor contracting services in WV, VA, OH, KY, IL, IN, CO, UT, IA, NE, WY, but we are always open to expansion.

Labor Contracting in the US

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